The upbringing of children at homes seems to require more than provision of basic amenities of life such as education, shelter, food and  clothing . The children expect more from their parents and important figures in their lives which sometimes are not met. The lack of provision of these basic needs sometimes have adverse negative effects on the lives of the young ones. This honest interaction between a father and her daughter in the narrationion brings the message home. 

The children of a certain very wealthy family were put into the care of a well-qualified nanny, as well as a host of other servants the family employed. When adverse circumstances impacted the family’s finances, they moved into slightly smaller home, but kept the children’s nanny. Eventually, however, the family’s financial situation became severe enough that they had to let go of their comfort family life.

Then one evening after the father returned home from a day of great financial anxiety and business worry, his little girl climbed up on his knee and threw her arms around his neck.‘I Love you, daddy’, she said, trying to soothe the weariness she intuitively perceived in him.

  ‘I Love you, too, darling’, the father replied, glad to have such a warm welcome home. The little girl then said, ‘Daddy, will you make me a promise?’ The father said, ‘What is it?’
She said, ‘Daddy, please promise me you won’t get rich again. You never came to see us when you were rich; but now we see you every night and hug you and kiss you and climb on your knee. Please don’t get rich again!’

Money cannot buy or provide everything in life; it can't buy the affection of our children. They need our presence, our quality time, listening ears and our loving affection. These things are more valuable than all the money in the world. Pursuit of money is good but never to take the pride of place of your presence, time and attention in the home. These have psychological, social and human boots in helping our children excel in life particularly in their studies as success in studies can never be magical. Pay attention, please! Daddy and mummy do you promise to give us more of your time and affection? We need them more than you can ever imagine. Superfluous wealth can be superfluities only. Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul.